If you’re unfortunately going to a gym that lacks fight fundamentals then I recommend learning from ONE Championship Fighter, Jeff Chan.

You might better know him as MMAShredded on Youtube.

About Jeff Chan MMAShedded

1. He Walks The Walk

Jeff began training in Muay Thai when he was 15 and has since accumulated an amateur record of 24-2, and professional MMA record of 4-1. Although he has his own fight style, he reminds me of a Dominick Cruz with his evasive head movement and footwork, mixed in with a little GSP, with his perfect timing takedowns.

In my opinion, Jeff’s very underrated and yet still one of the best online coaches in MMA today. All I can say is…This Ninja’s LEGIT.

2. No B.S.

Jeff chan has a no BS approach when it comes to teaching and everything he teaches is backed up with live sparring footage. Check out the clip below. Like I said…LEGIT.

3. His Student’s Results are REAL

Jeff has been able to help high level fighters with their fight camps, while traveling and training all around the world. He has also helped Amateur fighters WIN their fight just after buying a course.


If you haven’t done so by now, check out his Youtube Channel and just see for yourself. Although he already offers a lot of free content on his page, the paid content that he has to offer are hidden gems.

I’ve bought every one of his online courses, but I have to say my favorite is…

The MMA Striker

It’s specifically tailored to the Striker style as opposed to the Grappler style of fighting.

Nevertheless, still a very useful course for both beginners and advanced practitioners in MMA. I bought his course not too long ago. As for someone who’s been training MMA for awhile now there were things I’ve learned that were never taught in the gym.

How The Website Looks

His online courses on the website are easy to navigate and are mobile friendly. A lot of times I just let a video play and follow along from my iPhone.

Here’s what it looks like on his website once you have access to his online courses.

Important things I’ve learned from the course:

  • First 3 Lines of Defense
  • Countering with the Long Guard
  • Low Kick Strategies
  • Pressure Tactics
  • Fighting in the Pocket
  • Dealing with Aggressive Fighters
  • How to fight Southpaws
  • Clinch Work
  • Advanced Tactics & Fakes
  • Takedown Defense

Biggest Pros:

  • Quick feedback in comment section

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on a specific video from the course you can simply tell Jeff about it in the comment section. He replies to EVERY comment in a very timely manner.

  • No equipment needed
  • No partner needed

Although having the right equipment and training partner will enhance your practice you can still learn along without them.

In General the drills will help you

  • Refine technique
  • Develop Fight IQ
  • Keep the Fight standing

The drills in the course will prepare you for the most common fight situations. In other words it’s very Practical Shit.


  • Despite the fact that this is a course made for the MMA Striker I really wish there was an MMA Grappler course to compliment it. Other than than that…

It’s money well spent that I think every MMA fighter can learn from.


To get an idea,

Here’s a Sneak Peak of The MMA Striker

Price: $87

  • Keep in mind that $87 is equivalent in price compared to what you’ll pay per month at a regular UFC Gym, but not equivalent in value. Some trainers at these gyms can be inattentive, ill-informed, and/or impatient, and may be a good athlete…but still a bad coach. The quality of information you’ll receive from this course is practical and proven to work in the cage. So, $87? Not bad for a full curriculum that builds foundational striking/takedown defense for the MMA striker.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in buying this course or any of Jeff’s other online courses, just click on the big logo below.

But if you’re broke as a joke, like me at the moment of writing this, you can check out MMAShredded’s FREE Mini Course which offers:
  • 42 counters
  • 13 fakes
  • 10 strategies on dealing with counter fighters
  • 1 time coupon code to get the MMA Striker Course for a special price (once mini course is completed)


*Disclosure: I am an affiliate for MMAShredded. This means that I receive a commission if you order through my affiliate links. This is at no additional cost to you. And I recommend this course because it’s what I’ve used to take my MMA Skills to the next level, no fluff…no gimmicks…just REAL Practical shit.

The MMA Striker

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